Saturday, July 9, 2016

Travel Delight: Delicious Austrian Food

Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in Salzburg, Austria, and traveling the impressive Alps and other parts of this wonderful country, I enjoyed for many years fantastic dishes in cosy restaurants and in lovely coffeeshops.  The words "gourmet" or "epicure" really fit in Austria. There are not only three meals - or occasions to relax, such as the "jausn", a 10am break - but at least five! times during the day where delicious delicacies or a glass of wine or coffee and pastries are served.

There are not many places in the world where you can marry in an enchanting castle, but I was lucky to have my wedding in the baroque Mirabell castle in Salzburg.  It was built in 1606 for the mistress of a high-ranking catholic bishop...  After the wedding ceremony we went to a gourmet restaurant to indulge in a fine dinner which included "Wiener Schnitzel" and "Palatschinken" among other delicacies. 

Austrian Cuisine:

Delicious traditional meals and desserts like Kaiserschmarren, Schnitzel and Tafelspitz can be found almost everywhere in Austria. Recreate your favourite dishes at home with these step-by-step recipes.
These most favourite Austrian recipes are listed at the Austrian Tourism website. 

Here some examples:

Tiroler Gröstl is one of the hearty favourites from the skiing and hiking region of Tirol. Traditionally, it is a delicious and satisfying way of using up yesterday’s left-overs. It makes a great shared-from-the-pan mountain lunch, particularly when combined with a separate pan of “Kaiserschmarren” or "Apfelstrudel" to indulge.

The true origin of the Wiener Schnitzel has become a matter of vigorous debate between culinary historians in recent times again. One thing, however, is absolutely certain: the Wiener Schnitzel is truly cosmopolitan. The earliest trails lead to Spain, where they were coating meat with breadcrumbs during the Middle Ages. The Jewish community in Constantinople is similarly reported to have known a dish similar to the Wiener Schnitzel, in the 12th century. So whether the legend surrounding the import of the “Costoletta Milanese” from Italy to Austria by Field Marshal Radetzky is true or merely a nice story makes very little difference. So long as the schnitzel is tender and crispy!

Get more details and all the original recipes for these wonderful comfort foods at the Austrian Tourism site - from one of the most fantastic travel destinations in the world.


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