Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Photo Impressions of Dresden, Germany

Dresden is also called "Florence at the Elbe" thanks to its idyllic location on the banks of the river, the city's beautiful coffee shops and Biergartens, its excellent examples of Baroque architecture, and world-class museums. 

Dresden Zwinger

Most of the city's attractions are all within walking distance from Dresden's Altstadt, the Old Town. The Zwinger Palace is one of the most excellent examples of late Baroque architecture in Germany.


Last time (25 years ago) I was in Dresden, the famous Frauenkirche was only a pile of stone rubble, left from the bombings of WWII. In the meantime, within a few years, the baroque church was rebuilt to its old glory and was again opened in 2005.

Schiller Biergarten

Join the locals during the warm months at the "Biergartens".

Pfunds Dairy Store

"Pfund’s Dairy" is the most beautiful milk store in the world. Don’t leave without trying some local cheeses, homemade ice cream, or a glass of fresh milk.


Dresden-Loschwitz: Wein, Water, and Villas. The Loschwitz district of Dresden is famous for its stylish villas and traditional wine-growing. The location on the Elbe slopes alone, with height differences of over 100 meters, makes the district something very special. 

Elbe River and Old City

Don't end your sightseeing in the City, there are lots of beautiful castles nearby, easily reached by boat or train. Why not take a boat trip on one of the historic paddle steamers on the river Elbe? You can take a coffee cruise in the afternoon (where you can eat as much German cake as you want) or take a boat tour to Meissen, famous for its porcelain artists.

Dresden might be much smaller, but it beats Berlin as a city destination in the Eastern part of Germany.
Out of the ordinary tips for Dresden can be found here too:

For example, the tip to eat at the University Mensa, or to visit the CafĂ© Oha, a cozy coffee place stuffed with sofas and creative decorations on the wall. It’s located in one of the buildings of Dresden’s Academy of Fine Arts.



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