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Photo Impressions of the Charming Village of Schmilka

Last February, I discovered Schmilka, a charming village 30km east of Dresden in the National Park "Saechsische Schweiz". A whole village is organic! In the middle of Germany's wild east, right next to the Saxon Switzerland National Park, is Schmilka, a district of Bad Schandau. 

From the other bank, the historic ferry "Lena" from 1927 crosses over. Schmilka can be reached by S-Bahn or train via Bad Schandau and then by a short bus trip - or via:

S-Bahn S1 von Dresden bis Schmilka Hirschmühle brings passengers at least once per hour to Schmilka Schmilka-Hirschmühle is a railway station on the Děčín–Dresden-Neustadt railway for the village of Schmilka, Saxony, Germany. The station is located across the Elbe river and can be reached from Schmilka by ferry.  The town may also be accessed on the regional bus services run by the OVPS. OVPS also operates the Kirnitzschtal tramway, a historic tram service that runs from the town center to the "Lichtenhain Waterfall". 

The Elbe Cycleway runs along the banks of the Elbe.

Once a mining and lumber town, and border village to the Czech Republic, looking pretty run-down during the Eastern Block, it became one of the prettiest places in the National Park thanks to a forward-looking investor who bought several heritage buildings and renovated those to their new glory.

The Schmilkaer Brauhaus has a restaurant, serving local cuisine.

Bio- und Nationalpark Refugium Schmilka
Boasting a spa & wellness center, a garden as well as a terrace, Bio- und Nationalpark Refugium Schmilka is set directly in the Saxon Switzerland National Park. 

Small half-timbered houses with quaint guesthouses crowd up the hill to the historic mill from 1665, where flour is still ground and traditional crafts are cultivated in the neighboring organic bakery and beer brewing manufactory.

Fine hotels and stylish vacation apartments are located in and around Schmilka.

It is not surprising that this place was awarded the title "Most beautiful village in Saxony".

The Winter Village Schmilka was also awarded as "Lighthouse of the Tourism Industry"
for its creative and sustainable concept.

For vacations in the middle of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Schmilka is perfectly placed: directly on the Malerweg (Artists Path) and as an ideal starting point for hiking and climbing in the region. 

Mystical, quaint and cozy in winter, so colorful, fresh, and full of life in summer -
you simply have to experience this gem between village culture and nature.

Cycling and dozens of hiking paths can be enjoyed around Schmilka,
and a bicycle rental service is available.

The Ilmenbach stream drives the Schmilka Mill "Schmilksche Mühle" only a few meters
below the spring. Built in 1665, it is one of the first buildings in Schmilka.
The mill was closed in the 19th century. In 2007, however, the mill was restored
to a functional state again and visitors can purchase fresh-milled flour.  
Or get delicious fresh-baked goods just a few meters away

Schmilka is built among the huge rocks of the Saechsische Schweiz in a narrow valley.

Vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options are certainly available. I asked the server to show me the vegetable quiche, and she presented this huge plate...

Comfortable chilling in this quiet spot after a long walk.

Schmilka on the Elbe river - as if fallen out of time... 

If possible, travel to the Saechsische Schweiz and Schmilka in late fall, winter or spring.

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