Sunday, January 15, 2023

Enjoy Winter in Munich From Roof Tops


Climbing onto the roof of winter - seems to suit the people of Munich.  Actually, there are already enough Christmas markets, mulled wine stalls, and bratwurst stands on the ground level. Nevertheless, roof terraces are now increasingly being used for pre-Christmas activities.  Some large hotels have been doing this for years, and other restaurateurs are following suit. 

Even from Promenadenplatz, you can make out the colorful lighting of the Polar Bar on the Blue Spa terrace of the Bayerischer Hof

To warm up, there's mulled wine, "Hot Mai Tai" and hot baked apple, plus creations like "A Kiss From Kitz" made from pear and ginger ale or "Polar Island," a sour variation made from whiskey and Averna. Small appetites can be satisfied by mini-burgers, mini-naan bread or mango-coconut soup; non-alcoholic and meatless alternatives are For the panoramic view from the Frauenkirche to the Ferris wheel in the Werksviertel, one gladly accepts the drafty outdoor area, with burning wood stoves amid sheltered upholstered benches and a fur-lined igloo providing enough refuge.  During the week, the Polar Bar is open from 4 to 10 p.m., and on weekends it was even open from lunchtime for a breather between Christmas shopping.

The other large rooftop terrace of a luxury hotel in the old town can be found at the Mandarin Oriental on Neuturmstrasse near the Hofbräuhaus.  Two igloos - made of transparent plastic by a start-up from Garmisch - now stand on the hotel roof.  Among other things, the people of Kitzbühel have contributed a two-seater chairlift gondola, lots of fir trees, and all sorts of rustic decorations.  The one igloo dome offers space for twelve persons at a round table, the other for eight persons. 1800 euros or 1500 euros costs the evening there altogether, with all beverages and an extensive menu.  The two igloos will remain on the roof until February 28.

Closer to the city center, you will find another winter scene attraction.  "Frau im Mond" bar and restaurant opened in the Deutsches Museum.  The location is also ready for the cold season: fairy lights are reflected in the window front, white fabric tablecloths adorn the cafeteria tables, and blue light creates a polar ice flair.  But the real winter fun begins on the outdoor terrace with a view of the Isar, which is equally decorated for Christmas.  Two huts cater to the physical well-being here, one with freshly shaved cheese spaetzle from the mountain cheese loaf (Fri-Sun from 5 p.m.), the other with berry, homemade mulled wine based on rosé wine and small snacks such as chestnuts, almonds, and pumpkin soup from the bread loaf.

Those who find the hustle and bustle around Marienplatz and Viktualienmarkt too much can take refuge on the roof terrace of the Louis Hotel. From 4 to 8 p.m., the "Louis Winterzauber" opens here every Friday and Saturday. Via the hotel entrance or directly via the elevator at the Viktualienmarkt, you can reach the sixth floor of the five-star hotel. More between than above the roofs of the city, the terrace is nestled here with a view of the Alter Peter next door.  The menu includes classic white and red mulled wine, but also non-alcoholic punch varieties made from fruit or homemade jasmine syrup, along with dishes on hand such as tarte flambée or bratwurst from the ox. A sun awning protects from light rain or snowfall.

Enjoy Winter in the City From Roof Tops!

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