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Visiting Buenos Aires and Learning Spanish

After spending several winters in Middle and Latin American countries, I wanted to seriously learn Spanish. It was a bit embarrassing not to be able to talk with a restaurant waiter, the laundry lady, or to ask questions in a store. 

If you want to travel or even live part or full-time in a Spanish-speaking country, speaking the language will not only make life a bit easier - but will allow you to take advantage of what Argentina, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries have to offer.

As I planned to travel all over Argentina from the South to the North, I decided to stay in Buenos Aires for a month and take 2 hours of Spanish classes every day.  Other students even booked 4 hours per day.  Then I rented a room on the same floor as the classes were to avoid daily commutes. 

The school is situated near public transportation, such as subway stations and bus stops. It offered me convenience and easy access to explore the city, during breaks, after classes, and on weekends.

Learning Spanish in small classes or take private lessons: 
The Spanish program is designed to expose students to all facets of the Spanish language: written practice, conversational skills, listening and comprehension ability as well as grammatical instruction. 

To achieve this you would have to complete a learning level in three weeks - which is the minimum you

would need to go the fast way and progress in learning more Spanish in less time. 

Indeed, all the professors at Íbero were welcoming, professional, experienced, and dedicated to helping me and the other students. If you are looking for a tailor-made learning experience at a great price then look no further.  I was glad that I had chosen Íbero.  Even more so, when I discovered that it is not only the best, but also the Spanish-teaching school with the lowest admission fee.

Address: 83 Piedras Street, 3rd floor E, Buenos Aires, Argentina

However, Íbero is not only offering Spanish classes but also TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses: Native English speakers who want to become teachers in Argentina or abroad (such as in the Middle East, Asian countries, or South America), get here training in intensive programs.  

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My Own Experience:

Learning Spanish at IBERO in Buenos Aires Argentina was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I was there for 4 weeks, taking 2 hours of Spanish lessons every day with Julieta, a  very patient and encouraging teacher. I learned a lot from her, not only the grammar, but she taught us students how to communicate with locals in restaurants, in shops, museums, and at other occasions. And every student gets his own workbook. You can not only learn Spanish from beginner to expert but also take English TEFL classes and get paid internships.

I even had a quiet room (important in Buenos Aires!) with a great Internet connection in one of the accommodations the school offers in a former Palacio whose outside facade is beautifully renovated. The entrance, the old-fashioned elevator, and the grand rooms at the school are fascinating. In the kitchen, we could prepare our own dishes - even though it is almost less expensive to eat out or pick up healthy food in the neighborhood restaurants and bakeries.

The school manager, Florencia, takes care of the students in such a friendly, caring, and professional way, so everyone feels comfortable and well-informed, especially as almost all students travel here from abroad. She also gives so many tips about which sightseeing is worthwhile, which restaurants are recommendable, where to go for a workout, massage, manicure, or to let your laundry wash, (all of these places charge only 20-30 percent of what you pay in Europe or North America, and she showed me the most beautiful coffee shop in Buenos Aires!

There is such a friendly atmosphere in the Ibero school one feels right at home. Another point is their prices:  I compared them to every Spanish School I found on the Internet - And they have the lowest prices of all!  Students can purchase the classes (and room) via PayPal (using creditcards/bankaccounts through PayPal). All in all, I highly recommend the school, and I look forward to being back for further lessons next year.

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