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The “Yellow City”: Izamal, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Yellow is my favored color, and when learning about a yellow city, I learned all I could about this lovely place, my next holiday destination:


Izamal is a jewel of a colonial city, with almost all the buildings painted an egg-yolk yellow.  Cobblestone streets and colonial lampposts complete the scenery.  Clean, peaceful and quaint, this is a great town to stroll through. 

There are Mayan pyramids, colonial-style buildings, parks and plazas, horses and buggies, and lots of people-watching.  Izamal is a monument of color, history, and pride that can be felt in its streets and buildings.  Art, music, and gastronomy are all around you!

Lonely Planet writes:
“In ancient times Izamal was a center for the worship of the supreme Maya god, Itzamná, and the sun god, Kinich-Kakmó.  A dozen temple pyramids were devoted to these or other gods.  No doubt these bold expressions of Maya religiosity are why the Spanish colonists chose Izamal as the site for an enormous and impressive Franciscan monastery, which still stands at the heart of this town, located about 70km east of Mérida. It’s easily explored on foot, and horse-drawn carriages add to the city’s charm.”

Also called the “City of Hills” and located right in the middle of the Yucatán Peninsula, Izamal may be the oldest city in the Yucatán.  It was conquered by the Spaniards, and the monks in their eagerness to convert the Indians to Catholicism gave the city its religious distinction, shown in the Franciscan convent.
More Magical Towns in Mexico:
Mexico has 35 towns that are considered magical and one of them is Izamal in the Yucatán… just 45 minutes from Merida, and ca. 3 hours from Cancun.  Get more info here:

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How to Get There:
It’s easy to go by car. Take the Cuota road toward Cancún, and exit at km. 48 towards Izamal. The trip takes about 45 minutes. Or go by bus, the station is at Calle 67 between 50 and 52, with departures every hour.  The cost of the ticket is $22 pesos one way or $44 pesos round trip.  Also, you can take a Van in Calle 65 between 52 and 54.

Read more about Izamal:


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