Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Open letter to Mr. Calin Rovinescu - AIR CANADA

Open letter to Mr. Calin Rovinescu
President and Chief Executive Officer 
Air Canada

Flight AC875 from Frankfurt to Montreal
Tuesday, March 17

Row 43 (D) a female passenger was constantly coughing
I reported to a flight attended and asked for a different seat to get away from this coughing lady. The (chief) stewardess (tall lady with brown hair, fastened up to a bun) told me in a very arrogant tone that it’s just my risk when flying.

This was the second-last flight from Europe home to Canada.
This flight attended was not even wearing a mask, like many of her colleagues, and started to tell me about her spring allergy she endures - like my worries are a piece of cake and I should live with it.
Arroganz and Ignoranz…

I am nearly 70 years old, there were several free seats in the plane - so no reason at all not to give me another, safer seat.

Now to Your JAZZ  Airline:
I have never seen such a dirty plane!  Flight # AC 8780
from Montreal to Halifax Tuesday, March 17
To place a coat in the overhead compartment passengers had to touch the handle which was totally dirty, filthy and disgusting. I checked the other handles and they were so dirty - it was insane.

Why did I have to wait for 5+ hours for my connecting flight to Halifax - even though there was another flight two hours earlier? I inquired at the AC customer service counter and learned that there were several free seats at this earlier plane.

Customer-friendly Air Canada? 
Training of cabin-staff and cleaners?

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