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Photo Impressions from Bratislava, Slovakia

Just an hour away (80km) from Vienna is Bratislava - 
with the same beautiful buildings in all kinds of style, from Baroque to Art Deco.


However, Bratislava prices are 28% lower than those in Vienna.
Feb 2020 Cost of Living

Parliament Building

Trains shuttle every hour from Vienna to Bratislava and every two hours from each of the Bratislava stations. As there are two stations in Bratislava, you can get to Vienna every hour, but from different stations.

Baroque Details on a Bay Window

Bratislava is known for its romantic terraces in the historical center, beautiful night walks, its street artists and street food, amazing chill-out places, tons of hipster cafes and numerous shopping malls. My favorite is "Vespa" an original Italien Coffe Bar. Their Espresso is 0.90cents.  Even better than many espressos I have had in Italy!
A very hip and cozy place for coffee. Excellent cappuccino and croissants. The staff is wonderful and extremely kind.

Baroque Housefront

It's worth looking up when you walk through the city, especially the old part. 
There are so many fantastic architectural details and historical gems.

Hrad - the Bratislava Castle

Parking is in the garage right under the impressive castle. But one can easily walk from Old Bratislava up to the hill in 10 minutes. Holders of the Bratislava Tourist Card have free entrance for the castle. Disabled people and children under 6 years have free admission.  Slovakia belongs to the Euro-zone and the Euro is the official currency. Seniors, students 4 €, basic admission is 10 €, families of three is 12 €, and of five is 20 €

Restaurant Stroodle

On your way to the TV tower, ca. 500m from the bus end station of #203 (or a very 1 min-short ride with bus 144, but only on weekends and holidays).
Everything on the menu is fantastic! The bar is well-stocked and the huge patio has lots of guest spaces. They speak English, and there’s even an English menu!


A pleasant walk to the TV tower, especially in summer many huge trees provide shade for walkers and hikers. There is a contemporary gallery and also a rotating restaurant on the upper floors with a stunning view of the city

St Michaels Tower

The Michaels Tower building (the only medieval entrance to the old town) consists of a lovely courtyard (Christmas market in December), a heritage museum. You can even walk to the top of the tower which offers a fantastic view of the city and over to the castle.

Amazing Baroque Architecture

However, not everything is heritage in Bratislava, think of the futurist TV station in downtown, an “upside-down” architectural gem, or the Danubiana - the Meulensteen Modern Art Museum, or the National Art Museum in the Esterhazy Palace. Outside of the city, the Schaubmar Mill is housing modern and contemporary art and design.

View from the castle to the Danube river

The Vienna Bratislava ferry route connects Austria with Slovakia. The ferry service, Twin City Liner, operates up to 21 times each week with sailing durations around 1 hour 15 minutes. Unless you choose an evening dinner cruise or a day cruise.

City Hall Entrance

Bratislava is a "walkable" city, but it also has the best public transport system I have ever experienced - and the cheapest. Trams are stopping every three minutes! and buses every five minutes. Stops are announced in English and Slovak language. For a bus ticket in the city, one pays 60cents, a day pass is 1.75 Euros and the price for a one-week unlimited bus pass the fare is 5.70 Euros
Food Court

A former market hall has been transferred to a popular street food place with
a dozen or more food trucks, offering a large variety of finger food.

Beer and other beverages must not be missed. One spot sells even Whiskey -
and nothing else...

Pharmacy Museum

9,000 pharmaceutical artifacts from the 16th century to the present day 
and 3,000 volumes of pharmaceutical publications await visitors.

Beautiful building in an amazing ornate style

Bratislava’s historic Old Town is host to some lovely landmarks from the 18th and 19th centuries, and perhaps the most stunning architectural landmark of all is St. Martin’s Cathedral, which dates back to 1492.

Historic Bake Shop & Patisserie

Until 1918 Bratislava was a part of the Hungarian Empire and later belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy. No wonder that there are stores from this time, and some elderly people are speaking German.

Dozens of buildings in Bratislava’s historic Old Town date back to when the city was enclosed by a fortified town wall during the late Middle Ages. Many of the most impressive buildings one can see in Bratislava were constructed during the 15th - 18th centuries.

More to follow - keep posted

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