Sunday, December 27, 2020

Goerlitz the Most Beautiful City in Germany

 Photo Impressions from the most beautiful medieval city in Germany: Goerlitz

Restaurant Entry

Heritage Building

Goerlitz Cityhall

Medieval Alley

The Eastern-most city is full of beautiful buildings, charming corners, winding lanes, 
and towers you can climb to get a new perspective of Goerlitz

Interesting House Fronts

    Inside the 'Ambiente' Store

                                                                Das Goerlitzer 'Kaufhaus'

View from the park over to Poland

You might not ever have heard of Goerlitz, Germany but I guarantee you know the place. Goerlitz is one of the favorite cities for filmmakers and numerous well-known American and German productions have been filmed here. But that’s not the only reason to visit Goerlitz!

Goerlitz is located right on the Polish-German border. Goerlitz and Zgorzelec, over the river in Poland, used to be one city but were divided after World War II. 

Görlitz is one of the very few cities in that part of Europe that weren’t damaged during World War II, hence it’s rich in monuments and buildings in various architectural styles.

There are 13th-century churches, a 16th-century town hall, and a 19th-century department store. Goerlitz is considered to be one of the best-preserved cities in the whole of central Europe - with thousands of heritage buildings.  Enjoy!


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