Friday, December 4, 2020

Photo Impressions of Krakow, Poland


Kraków is a beautiful and historic city to visit at all times of the year.  
I took these, and many more photos in September of 2020

Popular Townsquare in Krakow, Poland 

Kraków is the second-largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland, the city dates back
to the 7th century. It was the capital of Poland from 1038 to 1569.

Cathedral in Krakow, Poland

Kraków has traditionally been one of the leading centers of Polish academic,
cultural, and artistic life and is one of Poland’s most important economic hubs. 

Medieval Building in Krakow, Poland

Kraków is famous for its beautiful Old Town and historic buildings. 

Monument of Adam Mickiewicz, one of the greatest poets of Poland 
and a lifelong apostle of Polish national freedom

Get a KrakowCard 2- or 3-day pass that gives entry to almost 40 of Kraków's fantastic attractions and unlimited use of the city's bus and tram network.

Jewelry Store in Krakow, Poland - Goldsmith Art is famous worldwide

Kraków became an important center for amber due to its location on the Vistula river, the main trading route for the precious material.  There are amber shops all over the city, full of beautiful and imaginative items crafted from fossilized tree sap.



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